GIS Analyst

We currently seek a customer-focused, innovative, design-led GIS Analyst with an exceptional eye for detail to join our growing team here at Praetorian.


The successful candidate will be expected to lead the production of geospatial products across the business and have the following skills and experience:

Expert working knowledge and a proven track record in GIS; specifically ESRI technologies. You will provide GIS knowledge and expertise to the company, advising analysis teams on the potential geospatial products that could be produced to support their OSINT reporting. You will also bring knowledge of the broader range of ESRI technologies, such as ArcGIS Online and the Web App Builder, to help steer company-wide development of geospatial analysis capabilities.

Ability to produce a range of 2D mapping products to support analysis reports. You will use your knowledge of, and skills in, ESRI ArcGIS software, including ArcGIS Pro, to produce a wide range of point, line, and polygon 2D mapping products. You will also utilise your understanding of the relevant ArcGIS extensions to produce more complex mapping products that convey geospatial intelligence trends.

Keen eye for detail and understanding of cartographic / infographic design. You will have a keen eye for detail, meaning that you are able to produce high-quality mapping products which meet the company editorial standards. You will also have an eye for cartographic and infographic design so that you are able to make appropriate design decisions / suggestions for mapping products.

Solid data management and analysis skills. You will be confident and competent in handling a range of qualitative and quantitative data, including csv format, shapefiles, and file geo-databases, that can be used to support geospatial analysis and map production. You will be skilled in the use of both MS Excel and ArcGIS technologies to cleanse, analyse and manipulate data to identify relevant geospatial trends.

Understanding and knowledge of OSINT geospatial data sources. You will have a good understanding of open source geospatial tools and data sources that can support internal production, including Google Earth, Google My Maps, and Wikimapia etc.

Specialist understanding of industry best practice and CPD opportunities. You will remain abreast of GIS best practice and will identify opportunities for further personal and / or companywide development. You will also remain well-informed of current trends, products and processes being used by the wider GIS community to aid product development.

Strong written and verbal communication skills. You will clearly communicate with analysis teams and management to understand geospatial requirements and provide updates on production. You will also develop and deliver formal and informal geospatial training sessions for new starters, analysis teams and management.

Good project and production management skills. You will have a proven ability to effectively manage multiple workstreams, ensuring that deadlines are met, and quality remains consistent.


Fulfil role of company-wide GIS expert, providing geospatial support to country teams.

Produce a range of mapping and infographic products to support analysis reports, which meet the company editorial standards.

Engage with analysis teams to provide support, advice, and training on relevant aspects of GIS production, analysis and products.

Update, maintain and develop internal and external ESRI Web Apps for ease of team and client geospatial data analysis.

Work with management to steer company-wide GIS product and capability development.

Remain abreast of GIS industry bestpractice and trends, identifying opportunities for personal and company development.

Essential requirements

Minimum 2yrs experience in a relevant field.

Relevant qualifications in ESRI and ArcGIS.

Good knowledge and experience of the Microsoft Office suite.

Exceptional eye for detail.

Our offices are a stone’s throw from the City and amongst the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch and Spitalfields. Home working is available on certain days of the week.
Highly competitive
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